Warhammer: Diskwars - Legions of Darkness

Warhammer: Diskwars - Legions of Darkness

Warhammer: Diskwars - Legions of Darkness
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Warhammer: Diskwars - Legions of Darkness

This is an expansion and cannot be played alone!

Game Description

From BoardGameGeek: 

Legions of Darkness introduces a terrifying array of fifty-one new heroes and units, as well as new command cards and other resources designed to bolster the game's forces of Destruction. The Dark Elves and Skaven each gain a hero and enough units to form a regiment, but the expansion's most fearsome threat comes in the form of its new Vampire Counts heroes and units, as well as the Fear and Reanimate X keywords they bear.

Units with Fear sow panic among their foes, limiting their abilities to fight back. So long a unit with Fear is pinning an enemy, the panicked foe's counterattack value becomes one.

As a focus ability, your unit with Reanimate X can choose an Undead disk in your casualty pile and reinforce it onto the battlefield completely within short range. The size of the disk that you can Reanimate depends upon the value of X. It reinforces without an activation token, but instead receives a reanimate token and is returned to the casualty pile during the end phase.

Naturally, Legions of Darkness features enough dread necromancy to tempt even the most casual of players with the awesome powers available to those who can manipulate the very essences of life and death. Vampire Counts command cards heavily reward Casters, as do those for the Dark Elves, Skaven, Orcs, and Chaos.

Game Info

  • Suitable for ages 14 and up.
    Ages 14 & up
  • Average play time is 60 minutes.
    60 minutes
  • This is a 2-4 player game.
    2-4 players

Game Details

  • Genre(s):Thematic Games
  • Theme(s): Dice,
    Expansion for Base-game,
  • Mechanics: Campaign / Battle Card Driven,
    Deck / Pool Building,
    Dice Rolling,
    Hand Management,
    Player Elimination,
    Variable Player Powers
  • Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
  • # of Players: 2 - 4
  • Age: 14 and up
  • Playing Time: 60 minutes
  • Published: 2014
  • Designer: Tom Jolly
    Lukas Litzsinger
    Christian T. Petersen
  • Expansion to:

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