Vikingar: The Conquest of Worlds

Vikingar: The Conquest of Worlds

Vikingar: The Conquest of Worlds
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Vikingar: The Conquest of Worlds

Game Description

From BoardGameGeek:

Viking game where players (2 to 6) explore the world to solve the various adventures that they face ; plundering the holy places , fighting mythical creatures or trading with cities. Typical day in the life of a Viking!

The main goal of the game is to acomplish the necessary deeds to gain entrance transition to the Valhalla .

The game takes place on a round modular board composed of 24 tiles. The tiles are face down until a player decides to explore them.

Players will have to use their drakkard to successfully accomplish the glorious achievements needed for the transition to the Valhalla . Valhalla is situated at the end of the game board , or where the land gives way. But be careful not to fall into the void.

Fights (events, looting and battles between players) are solved by throwing a number of runes on the central area of the board; the high sea. The runes position on the area will influence on the area influences the outcome of the battle.

Game Details

  • Genre(s):Strategy Games
  • Theme(s): Adventure,
  • Mechanics: Modular Board,
    Tile Placement,
    Variable Phase Order
  • Publisher: Jackbro Playful Creation
  • # of Players: 2 - 6
  • Age: 9 and up
  • Playing Time:
  • Published: 2017
  • Designer:

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