Survive: The Giant Squid

Survive: The Giant Squid

Survive: The Giant Squid
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Survive: The Giant Squid

This is an expansion and cannot be played alone!

Game Description

From BoardGameGeek:

This is a mini-expansion for Survive.

There has long been a debate in the scientific community: which creature is mightier, the Whale or the Giant Squid?

At long last, you can decide! The whale and the Giant Squid are pitted against each other here in battle! But wait ... Will they attack each other? Or will they attack the poor Atlanteans and their boats? Let the battle begin!

The expansion contains 5 Giant Squid tokens.

Game Info

  • Suitable for ages 8 and up.
    Ages 8 & up
  • Average play time is 60 minutes.
    60 minutes
  • This is a 2-4 player game.
    2-4 players

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