Disney Gargoyles: Awakening

Disney Gargoyles: Awakening

Disney Gargoyles: Awakening
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Disney Gargoyles: Awakening

Game Description

From BoardGameGeek:

In Disney Gargoyles: Awakening, which is named after the TV show, players each represent one of six Gargoyles characters — Goliath, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, Hudson, or NYPD detective Elisa Maza — fight against baddies Xanatos and Demona in one of four scenarios on a three-dimensional cityscape board showing Manhattan as it was depicted in the cartoon. Three of the scenarios are co-operative, while the final one is not:

"Reawakening" — Face off against Xanatos and Demona to save Coldstone's mind.
"Temptation and Magic" — Defeat Demona, who has stolen the Grimorum Arcanorum to enslave innocents.
"Information Warfare" — Collect three stolen data disks on behalf of Xanatos.
"Battle with the Steel Clan" — One player takes control of Xanatos and the Steel Clan, aiming to defeat a hero or destroy the police tower, while the other players try to stop them as the Gargoyles.

Game Details

  • Genre(s):Family Games
  • Theme(s): Movies / TV / Radio theme
  • Mechanics:
  • Publisher: Ravensburger
  • # of Players: 2 - 5
  • Age: 10 and up
  • Playing Time:
  • Published: 2021
  • Designer:

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