All About GeekStop Games

GeekStop Games (founded in 2011) is a London-based online game store. We specialize in modern board and card games, and our goal is to educate people about the 'new era' of games that break form with the typical mindset of Monopoly and Risk. While doing this, we strive to become a great new resource for gamers new and old alike.


What's better than having a game store with great customer service, competitive prices and ever-growing selection? How about flat-rate shipping? We provide flat-rate shipping to the 10 Canadian provinces (see the Terms & Conditions section), as well as free delivery on orders of $200 or more.


However, if you live in the London, Ontario area, how does free door-to-door delivery sound? That's right, if you live in the London/St. Thomas area you can have your games delivered to your door free of charge.


If you have any questions about what we carry, or would like to ask about something we don't have on our site, drop us a line. Odds are, we can get it. And if not, we'll let you know whether it's back-ordered, out of print, etc.


Many people out there are unaware that these types of games even exist. We aim to fix that.

Geeky Testimonial

GeekStop is a great source for games with fast, friendly service. You can't beat free delivery in the London area, and their prices are competitive with the best online stores.

J. Miller
London, Ontario

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